Weekend Oklahoma takes you there... to local steakhouses and casual restaurants. Great wine pairings and craft beer tastings. From tacos at On The Border to sirloin at Texas Roadhouse.

Weekend Oklahoma is where locals enjoy group dining with individual checks... and there’s always enough for a takeout box! Enjoy live music, themed DJs and more. Texas Takeout Club!

Hungry for Tex-Mex or a huge, cheesy pizza? Weekend Oklahoma explores local eateries and lets YOU have the final vote. Affordable, social and fun... at LOCAL food & drink establishments.

Guest chefs, celebrity chefs and wine sommeliers can be seen on occasion, while everyone enjoys local craft beers, regional wines and great food. Always affordable. Always fun.

Come have fun! Weekend Oklahoma lets you experience the local flavors with others who enjoy the same. Pizza, Tex-Mex, steaks, craft brews, regional wines, live music and more...