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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the event dates?
AMERICA — the Car Show will be held aboard the USS Lexington aircraft carrier on Saturday OCT 5th & Sunday OCT 6th, 2019. Event check-in is primarily on Saturday morning while your vehicle is in line preparing to drive aboard the aircraft carrier. You may pick up a pre-purchased Chromium Package while you’re in line to drive aboard, or you may opt for pickup Friday OCT 4th in Corpus Christi at the Radisson North Beach (Friday afternoon in lobby). Event address is: 2914 N. Shoreline Blvd. Corpus Christi, Texas.

We’ve heard this is the final car show on the Flight Deck — is this the last chance to drive aboard?
Yes. When we signed our contracts with the aircraft carrier, they confirmed with us that we are the final car show. Wear and tear on their hydraulics is of prime concern, and car shows require numerous lifts on their Flight Deck Elevator #3. AMERICA — the Car Show will be held aboard the USS Lexington aircraft carrier one final time — it’s the end of an era. This show is not about judging or awards. AMERICA is a Commemorative BRAGGING RIGHTS show!

When will we load on and off-load from the USS Lexington?
We will load by groups designated by Island Tom. You may move back in line, but may not jump the line in your group. We don’t want cars waiting in line at midnight — it’s a safety precaution because experienced criminals know you’ve probably got money in your pocket—and a very nice, valuable car. 
The first loads are the very Early Registrants. Don’t be late or you won’t load with the Early Registrants. The largest group is Pre-Registrants. Then we load the Standard Registrants after the Pre-Registrants group is completely aboard. Finally, any Standby Registrants will be considered (with cash or PayPal).
We will begin loading the first rows as early as 5:00am on Saturday morning. If you are in line by 6:00am, you’ll be safe on time*. Please DO NOT BE LATE.
We will load onto the USS Lexington early on Saturday morning, before sunrise. All vehicles must be in place on the Flight Deck when the public begins to come aboard at 9am. The show will open at 9am and close by 5pm. Hours are the same on Sunday. Starting at 5:01pm on Sunday, we will off-load 12 vehicles at a time (one lift every 3:50) until all vehicles are off the aircraft carrier. The last vehicles should be off by 6:56pm, according to schedule.

*Early Registrants who arrive after 5am are not early—you’re late. For maximum enjoyment, be in line on time or early. Please DO NOT MISS THE BOAT.

Will I actually drive my muscle car on the aircraft carrier?
Yes. You will be guided onto Flight Deck Elevator #3 for the lift up to the Flight Deck. Only you will drive your vehicle into position... on the runway.
We suggest you bring your video camera(s) for this memorable event. If you have a “co-pilot” to hold a camera, co-pilots are welcome while loading.
This is what you’re paying for — it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that few have ever enjoyed. No shirt or trophy could EVER top this experience. Ever.

 Are there discount hotel rates? Which hotels are within 300 yds. walking distance from the USS Lexington?
Yes. Call the front desk directly. Tell them the name of the car show: “AMERICA” — Omni is a short Uber or taxi ride to downtown Corpus Christi.
Radisson Hotel Corpus Christi Beach • 3-Star Accommodations • 3200 E Surfside Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78402 • Front desk: 361-883-9700
Quality Inn & Suites on the Beach • 2-Star Accommodations • 3202 E Surfside Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78402 • Front desk: 361-883-7456
Omni Corpus Christi Hotel • 4-Star Accommodations • 900 N Shoreline Blvd. Corpus Christi, TX 78401 • Front desk: 361-887-1600
If you stay on the beach at the Radisson or Quality Inn, the distance is a relatively short walk from the street entrance to the aircraft carrier.

 Is the La Quinta on I-35N at Toepperwein still our designated hotel in San Antonio? (a few minutes north of Cowboys Dancehall)
Yes. Call the front desk directly at 210-657-5500. Our contract is under: American Road Crew — group block expires at 4pm 14 days prior to your stay.
San Antonio on OCT 3rd: La Quinta (I-35N @ Toepperwein) • 2 Double beds: $52.75 + tax or 1 King bed $56.95 + tax • Confirmation#: 5136B137257314
As always, you can stay wherever you wish. Compare your best deal available. Ours deals are good, but you may have discounts that are better.
Whenever booking any lodging, be sure to ask about that hotel’s cancellation policy and confirm their penalty-free deadline for cancellations.

How many spots are still available — should I wait or register right now?
We are now over 50% FULL — spots are being reserved all the time, so we suggest you don’t wait too long. We can only allow 250 to 350 vehicles onto the Flight Deck, so we suggest you register right away. Just use the “Buy Now” button at www.AmericaCarShow.US — then, we’ll call you to confirm that your reservation has been received. Purchase a Chromium Registration for $199 at a later date (by September 30th) and you’re done. Any unused Flight Deck Reservations are redeemable toward Chromium Packages or as a $199 gift certificate for any future American Road Crew show or automotive event. If you prefer to register for just the Flight Deck show, you do not need to buy anything that you don’t want to. $199 gets you and your vehicle on the Deck!
Please remember that the $199 price is a limited-time offer and may be withdrawn at any time as show dates approach. Save while $50 discount applies.

Is the show registration cost “per person” or “per vehicle” on the Flight Deck?
It’s per vehicle — not per person. Each registration includes one spot in the show on the Flight Deck + one wristband. Extra wristbands are $20 (for 2 days). If you’re attending solo, you need not buy anything else if you don’t want to. If you wish to give others in your family or circle of friends the same On & Off Privileges as you have with your wristband, bring a $20 bill on Saturday morning and exchange it for an extra wristband for a friend or spouse. Anyone showing their wristband at the entrance can be waved past the waiting line (like pilots at the airport). There is no limit on how many extra wristbands our registrants may purchase. They’re simply $20 ea. and they’re good for both days of the show. You may enter as many times as you wish during normal hours on Saturday & Sunday. If you choose to attend Saturday night’s VIP Reception aboard the aircraft carrier — it’s entirely optional (limited to 500 persons for dinner). VIP tickets are priced per dinner seat. The aircraft carrier charges per seat, regardless of age. Children are the same price as adults.

How can I register for AMERICA — the Car Show?
You may visit us using our main website at — click on any blue button that says “Aircraft Carrier” or “USS Lexington” or “Car Show”.
The official show name is: AMERICA
The direct address to register is www.AmericaCarShow.US or you can simply Google “American Road Crew” for links to any of our social media pages.

What is included in a Chromium Package?
Packages are optional. Each Chromium Package includes several items, specifically TWO event shirts (available in several popular sizes). That’s TWO shirts with each Chromium Package. Also included is an Official Participant Dash Card, Official Aluminum Dash Plaque, an 8x10 professional lab print of our Official Aerial Photo (taken on Saturday when all vehicles are in position), our all-aluminum Special Award (GIANT 18 inches tall, .040 aluminum), and a custom FULL PAGE in the Amazon® Book of Muscle Cars featuring only your vehicle on the page in full glossy color, and its specifications on the page with the USS Lexington included textually and/or photographically. You will be provided a proof before publication. You’ll approve your page’s details for the publisher prior to printing. Page proofs are produced by our advertising agency; each is a magazine-quality, full-color, glossy, full-bleed ISBN library book page showing your vehicle’s year/model/color, history & unique performance features or exterior appearance. One book is included — by Media Mail.

What are Chromium Cards™ — and what do they look like?
Chromium Cards™ are professional-quality automotive enthusiast cards that allow you to meet others, hand them a card and never write your phone number or e-mail address down for those you meet at car shows or onboard the USS Lexington. Because “car people” usually remember each other by their car (much more than by their face), Chromium Cards™ serve a very practical purpose — and, they feature YOUR vehicle... shown in full color!
*Chromium Cards™ are ordered separately, with 10 days of lead time after proof approval. Call us at 210-399-7500 if you want to buy a custom set of 500.

Do registrants have group lodging options?
Yes. When you register, we’ll call you to welcome you aboard and to provide you with lodging information. We have multiple contracts with hotels that are located as close as 500 ft. from the entrance to the USS Lexington! We have 4-star, 3-star and 2-star discount lodging options to suit almost anyone.

What about Saturday night’s VIP Reception aboard the USS Lexington?
VIP Reception is an optional activity, limited to 500 persons seated for dinner at giant 10-person round tables. Dine with us in air-conditioned comfort, in Hangar Bay #2 with dinner catered by the Texas Roadhouse® national chain, LIVE entertainment and dancing! Music by Christopher Saenz from Sandia, featuring “Songs You Know The Words To” including Johnny Cash, CCR, Brooks & Dunn, Bad Co., Elvis, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison & more. Non-A beverages included during dinner. No-host wine, beer & cocktails bar will be available. A great way to meet other vehicle owners, relax over dinner or celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or the purchase of a new Muscle Car! T-shirts & sneakers, flops are all OK — no bikinis or tank tops, please.
Check our home page ( for event ticket prices. Must be 21 to drink. Please drink responsibly. Limited to 500 seated for dinner. After dinner, a short stroll to your hotel makes for a memorable evening. Time: 6-9pm • Happy Hour: 6:30p • Dinner served: 7:00p • Music starts: 8:00p • Dress: Casual
This is another once-in-a-lifetime experience. Includes after-hours admission to the aircraft carrier with CCPD police officers & dinner on an aircraft carrier!

What about “secret gift” registrations — is that possible?
Yes. Just call us about the “secret gift” and we’ll keep your secret. We have MANY registrants who have received gift registrations as a surprise gift!

What about the Family Plan — can we add a 2nd vehicle for an extra $199?
Yes. When you register, we’ll call you to welcome you aboard and to provide you with lodging information. Tell us then, and you may mail in your family’s information about the 2nd vehicle you’ll be adding. Family plan includes TWO vehicles on the Flight Deck. You could even split ONE Chromium Package.

We use a car trailer — is that possible?
Yes. We have a car trailer option for you at Emerald Beach Hotel. Discount lodging still applies. We suggest a tongue lock for ALL trailers when they’re disconnected from tow vehicles. As always, only you are responsible for your car, trailer, tow vehicle, pets, guests, friends, enemies, behaviors & lifestyles.
To get the very best rate at Emerald Beach, you’ll want to book early. It’s the farthest drive from the Lex, but it could be worth it if you enjoy the hotel.
Other hotels are accommodating of trailers—remember, we’ll be on the Flight Deck so their parking lot will be partly empty while we’re all aboard!
Just ask your hotel’s MOD or front desk agent. Use a tongue lock. Disable your trailer. Don’t be a victim of theft. Be smart. Take necessary precautions.

Can I use a car cover for my vehicle?
Yes. You may install a car cover as early as 4pm on Saturday afternoon. No car covers are allowed until after the aerial photos are taken on Saturday. We recommend car covers for those with special paint, or for a convertible with operational issues requiring the top to remain down while on the Flight Deck. As with each year in October, we will have CLEET-certified peace officers in plain clothes. Only the producer knows who they are — for your security. The producer has direct access to police chiefs, sheriffs, constables and private security officers — that’s why we’ve never had a security breach in 11 yrs.

My car is a clunker — can I put it on the Flight Deck?
No. No junkers. No “project” cars. No primer paint jobs, unless they’re show-quality primer paint intended for effect. Race cars are allowed — but must be washed and presentable. Daily drivers are allowed, even with minor dings, minor or moderate scratches or minor dents... NO MAJOR DAMAGE, please. The fact that you drive your muscle car daily is a PLUS — we want ALL vehicle owners who are PROUD vehicle owners, PROUD Americans or just PROUD!
*For barn finds, vehicles with patina, etc. — we have our special section we call Battle Row. Antiques welcome! There’s even a 1923 Model A (V-8)!

What if my plans change — what is a rollover?
AMERICA™ is the only car show of our kind — if your plans change or you can’t make it, we offer a FREE rollover to the next year. No questions asked.
The Lex is a “Once-In-A-Lifetime” event. We will not repeat the aircraft carrier next year — our Muscle Car 2020 celebration will be on Mustang Island.
If you must rollover, we don’t ask why — you’ll be invited to celebrate with us OCT 4-5-6, 2020 on Mustang Island (across the bay from Corpus Christi).

Can I call with questions?
Yes. Call us at 210-399-7500 with any questions. We take calls all day long.

What about social media? Are you on Facebook?
Our event planning actually started as a covert project named OPERATION: Texas Yacht Club — our Page is:
Since then, a polite “no” became a “yes” — and we were issued a contract for this one final car show. One of just six such shows aboard a carrier. Ever.

I tend to be a knucklead when I don’t have a babysitter to control my misbehavior — is that OK?
Not so much. We have a “no knuckleheads” policy each year at Muscle Car Week — and the producer enforces it. Don’t be a knucklehead and all is well. We are a family-friendly, pet-friendly & socially-friendly event for adults, children and seniors. We are a Destination Event... much like a cool vacation!
Muscle Car Week makes decisions for the greater good of our registrants... and we’re in our 11th year because we look out for our group’s best interest. 
If you have ever been removed from or denied entry to our annual Muscle Car shows for immature or unacceptable behavior, nothing has changed. 

If you want a great escape to Mustang Island, think Muscle Car Week: 2020... swaying palm trees, cool ocean breezes, tropical sunsets, beach strolls, fresh air and affordable lodging options during your “vaca” on the Island, we have it all. Let the non-vacationers hang out in the retail store parking lots.

After YEARS of annual events with THOUSANDS of spectators and muscle car owners who love their vehicles, we’ve earned our reputation for quality. Internationally recognized, nationally attended & locally respected... Muscle Car Week is the ULTIMATE Muscle Car getaway... and it’s on Mustang Island!

Enjoy your annual escape to Muscle Car Week in early October — typically cool & dry — it’s the Island locals’ favorite month of the year!

Now throw out those hamburger wrappers, splash some Windex on the side glass, run your baby through the car wash & PUT YOUR MUSCLE CAR IN GEAR!

As we like to say each year... DESTINATION: Muscle Car Week.